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Friday, October 19, 2007

You Can Own JerkyDirect Home Business For As Little As 50 Cents A Day!


YOU can OWN a JDPP Storefront Website that not only offers Jerky But Also 4 Other Product Lines For A Total of 5 Product Lines For Just 50 Cents A Day! A Mere $14 A Month!

YOUR Storefront Website will offer All Natural, Low-Fat, High Protien Jerky with NO additives that is Handmade with our Secret Spices and Slowly Smoked To Perfection in our USDA Smoke House With 28 Flavors To Choose From

Omega Derma Skin Care Products including A Radiant Rose Mist, Cleansing Pads, Buffing Creme', Crystal Repairing Gel (contains 30 times more vitamin C than you would get in an orange!), Silk Serium, Green Tea Bar Soap, Moisturizers, & Collections

Vitamins & Supplements including AN ENERGY BOOSTER, COLESTEROL BUSTER!, Krill 3 Oil, Anti-doxiands & more!


Personal Care- Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel

Home Care Products including A Stain Pen, ALL Natural Laudry Detergent, And Cleaning Products That are INDUSTRY STRENTGH!

You really have to see for Yourself to believe!

YOU can PRINT YOUR own Business Cards FREE! as well as Flyers, LetterHead, Envelopes & More FREE!

JD takes care of ALL shipping, no need to worry with shipping of products or inventory!

JD ACCEPTS MONEY ORDERS if you, your customers or clients don't carry a credit card, debit card nor checking! Just print the form needed to place an order or enroll with personal info filled in, adding your sponsor or referrer's name on the form so YOU or the sponsor will get credit for the order or enrollment


On the first of each month JD calculates commissions and a CHECK issued to you based on sales & new enrollments generated from your Storefront Website

Around the end of each month ,YOU will recieve 2 bags of JDPP Products of YOUR CHOICE to share with friends, co-workers, family or keep for your own consumption!

If YOU recruit just 6 people under you in your storefront website, YOUR PRODUCTS WILL BE FREE each month! You already get a FREE website but maintain it by ordering your 2 bags of jerky each month to keep or share to try to build your business and get EVERYTHING FREE!

You just need to send your order in by the 11th of each month to maintain YOUR Storefront Website. Just a mere $14 a month! That's just 50 cents A DAY! You can proiably find that much in your couch! LOL!

Did You Ever Think YOU Can Own A Home Business For Just 50 Cents A Day! Well YOU Can And EARN Commission!!! Plus PRINT your OWN business cards Free and more!

Check It Out Today! See For Yourself!

JD Is A Member of The BBB

Until we meet again, Happy Trails! Of Course You Don't Have To Join To Place An Order!

It Will Cost You Zero To Browse And See If This Home Business Is For You!

YOUR Storefront Website Will Be Identical EXCEPT Whatever YOU Choose To Place The Name As On YOUR JD Storefront Website

See You There!

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